Melancholy Danish Pageboys Part.1 1979.7.24 SIRA-8
Melancholy Danish Pageboys Part.2 1979.7.24 SIRA-9
Listen To This Eddie Part.1 1977.6.21 SIRA-14
Listen To This Eddie Part.2 1977.6.21 SIRA-15
Listen To This Eddie Part.3 1977.6.21 SIRA-16
Earl's Court 1975.5.24 SIRA-60~62
Stairway Session outtakes SIRA-71
Californian Mystery Train 1977.6.19 SIRA-72~74
Melancholy Danish Pageboys remake 1979.7.24 SIRA-80~81
Three Days After 1973.6.3 SIRA-96~97
Robert Plant | In The Mood SIRA-102~103
Robert Plant | Two Days In The Country SIRA-104
Complete Berlin 1980.7.7 SIRA-111~112
Live On The Levee 1975.1.20
A Fighting Finish 1977.7.24 SIRA-122~123
Pleeease! 1975.3.20
Two Days Before 1970.9.2 SIRA-129~130
Kingdom Of Zep 1977.7.17 SIRA-131~133
For Your Love 1969.1.10 SIRA-134~135
Listen To This Eddie Master Series 1977.6.21 SIRA-161~163
No License, No Festival 1970.9.9 SIRA-164~165
56,800 In The Ocean 1973.5.5 SIRA-166~167
Trampled Under Jimmy's Foot 1975.3.12 SIRA-168~170
It'll Be Zep 1977.5.22 SIRA-171~173
P/P '95 Master Series SIRA-183~184
Led Astray 1975.2.28 SIRA-194~196
Destroyer II 1977.4.28 SIRA-197~199
Rip It Up 1977.6.25 SIRA-200~202
Sundazed 1977.6.26 SIRA-203~205
The Legendary End 1977.6.27 SIRA-206~208