What is BUNRAKU ?

an intangible cultural asset based
in Japan with a history of over 300 years
and several decades,
is the only one stage art in the world.

"Ningyo Joururi Bunrakuza"
-a balad drama,samisen music theatre,
puppet manipulation-
is a formal name of the organization
which belongs to the orthodox 'Bunraku'.

We need to be conscious of what
and which belongs to the orthodox 'Bunraku',
because there are some other similar
associations called Bunraku here in Japan.

All the stage artists of
"Ningyo Joururi Bunrakuza"
are only men,who sign up with
"Bunraku Kyoukai"
- the Society for Bunraku foundation.

They perform publicly
at the National Theatre,Tokyo
and the National Bunraku Theatre in Osaka
for about 170 days a year.

Besides giving a show in the tour
of country areas,they go adroad to do it.

Now you can easily check all the active
and attractive stage members
who have been under contract to
Bunraku Kyokai with a few computer clicks.

A register of stage artists is as follows.

All the members of BUNRAKU