I was born in
1955 on the 23rd of Oct.
in Mie prefecture.

My father was a bank employee.
My mother was
an elementary school teacher.
My ancestors were priests
for many generations.

When I was a school boy,
I admired Jean Henri Fabre
and I liked to collect
insects and plants.

When I was a junior high boy,
I played the guitar
and was absorbed in composing.
I respect Herbert von Karajan.
In the church
I performed in English plays.
I discoverd theatre was interesting.

When I was a high school student
I belonged to a theatrical club.
I adored Takurou Yoshida.
I put together a band
I saw SHIKI's Hamlet
and I hoped to be an actor.
In Tamagawa University
I majored in theatre.
I performed plays and musicals
all day every day.
I started to learn
traditional singing and dancing.

When I was a senior
I entered
the SHINKOKUGEKI theatre company.
During university
I made my first appearance in
an OUSHOU play.
I became a disciple of
Ryuutarou Tatsumi,
the greatest Japanese thespian.
I studied performance under him.

In 1980
SHINKOKUGEKI theatre company
went bankrupt,
I became a 7th level trainee at
a National Theatre.
In 1982
I became 9th-Mojitayuh's
(now 7th-Sumitayuh)pupil.
He is the national treasure.
I earned the name
hukusuke.gif (5645 バイト)
I made my first appearance
in July 1982 in Asahiza.
That is my life up to this day.