Revision history
* v1.46 (04/01/20)
  * Fixed following problem again:
      * KDIC/KDIC DA possible to search wrong word with dictionary
        placed on SD-Card/MemoryStick.

* v1.45 (03/04/27)
  * Fixed following problem:
      * KDIC/KDIC DA possible to search wrong word with dictionary
        placed on SD-Card/MemoryStick (word on record boundary).

* v1.44 (03/04/11)
  * Fixed problem on index file generation.
  * KDIC DA is now full compliant with Palm OS 5. Fixed following.
      * Can not drag KDIC DA window.
      * Can not finish KDIC DA when tap outside of window.
  * Fixed following problem on KDIC.
      * When dictionary is selected by command short cut, content of previous
        dictionary result partiually remains on bottom of screen.

* v1.43 (02/11/15)
  * Fixed not to effect ChangeCase function on Japanese characters.
  * Fixed Fatal Error problem when used as Fukumoto-san's Drag&Drop
  * Fixed 'illegal index file may be generated' problem.

* v1.42 (02/11/02)
  * Extend maximum dictionary numbers 8 to 10.
  * Fixed problems if long name file exist on /Palm/Programs/Msfiles folder
    of SD-Card/MemoryStick.
  * Can display VFS managers's version by Menu -> Help -> VFS version.

* v1.41 (02/10/28)
  * Fixed "can't access last record of dictionary file" problem.
  * Fixed "KDIC/KDIC DA might recognize files (not dictionary file) on
    VFS (MemoryStick/SD-Card) as dictionary file" problem.

* v1.40 (02/10/12)
  * Added Huge Dictionary support. You can use very huge dictionary on
    KDIC/KDIC DA, now!! But these Huge Dictionary must be put on 
    VFS (SD-card, MemoryStick). Along with this, KDIC/KDIC DA will
    generate Index file for such Huge Dictionary (extension is '.kdx')
    on first invocation.
    Gendic.exe is also modified to support '-l' option to allow
    such Huge Dictionary generation.
  * Fixed wasted screen redraw on All dictionary seach form of KDIC.
  * Fixed 'KDIC/KDIC DA sometime wrongly recognize other PDB file (on VFS,
    /PALM/PROGRAMS/MSFILES/) as KDIC dictionary file.'

* v1.35 (02/09/25)
  * Fixed strange behavior of:
    'Try lower on fail' option of preference is ON && Japanese -> English
    dictionary is used.
  * Fixed 'Add to memopad' function not working on certain condition.
  * Added CommandShortcut + 'K' to invoke software keyboard for treo.
  * Improved search speed on incremental search for continuous search
    word input.
  * Fixed garbaged search word display on certain Japanese search word.

* v1.34 (02/06/25)
  * Fixed KDIC/KDIC DA 'Fatal Error' problem when existing on other than Clie.
  * Fixed automatic high-resolution mode not worked on some platform (Clie
    T600, etc...)
  * Color Icon (Simply colored red... right now)

* v1.33 (02/03/13)
  * Fixed 'not automatically be hi-resolution' bug on certain Clie.
  * Fixed 'not working jog up/down on Line-Mode' bug on certain Clie.
  * Fixed 'back button (of Clie) cause to terminate parent application' bug.
  * Added 'ToMemoPad' feature on KDIC DA. This feature not working
    if you invoke KDIC DA on MemoPad (because, MemoPad Database is
    locked by MemoPad application).

* v1.32 (01/09/21)
  * Fixed 'Fatal Error -> Reset' problem on Sony Clie S320.

* v1.30 (01/07/12)
    * You can put KDIC/KDIC DA dictionaries on MemoryStick/SD/MMC card.
    * Supported Hi-Resolution mode of Clie 700C/710C.
    * Fixed unnatural scroll on Line screen.
    * Fixed Long-Press button problem using with Power-Jog.
    * Fixed 'cannnot drag KDIC DA' problem on latest PalmOS.
    * Fixed long translation field (about 1024 byte or more) problem.

* v1.24 (00/10/25)
  * Sony Clie Jogdial support.
    * On main screen:
	* Moving words (back & forth) by jog rotation.
	* Change dictionary by jog click.
	* Goto List Mode (1 word per line) by long pressing jog & release.
    * On List Mode:
	* Moving words (back & forth) by jog rotation.
	* Moving words 1-page by jog rotation with pressing.
	* Goto Main screen with jog click.
    * On All dictionary Mode (search word through all dictionaries):
	* Moving around through dictionaries by jog rotation.
	* Select dictionary by jog click.

* v1.23 (00/09/30)
  * Fixed fatal error when Global Find is used on Visor Japanese version.

* v1.22 (99/12/25)
  * Fixed fatal error when Global Find is used on Palm-OS 3.3 or Visor.

* v1.21 (99/10/25)
  * On searching all dictionaries form:
    * Single tap displays the dictionary name.
    * Double tap change to the dictionary.
  * On searching all dictionary form, you can use 'Change case' feature.
  * Fixed some minor bugs.

* v1.20 (99/09/11)
  * Added searching through multiple dictionaries capability.
    By tapping 'A' button at right upper screen, you can search
    keyword through all of installed dictionaries.
    With this expansion, 'M' button (write to MemoPad) is obsoleted
    (please use command short cut + 'M' or Menu->Edit->ToMemoPad for
    this purpose.
  * Added Global-Find capability.
    When you search by 'Find' on silk screen, KDIC will respond to
    this global search (with current dictionary). If you use this
    capability with Linker Hack, you can make hyper link to
    KDIC dictionaries' entry.
  * You can enter line-feed in your translation entry of KDIC dictionary.
    By insert "\n" into dictionaries' translation field, KDIC interpret
    this as line-feed character when displays it. You can make more
    comprehensive dictionary with this feature.
  * BUG FIX ... Fixed following problem:
    * If no word is entered in Word: field in Main form, nothing
      displayed when move to Line mode form.
    * In rare case, garbage displayed in Line mode form.
    * KDIC do not recognize new dictionary that have installed.

* v1.13a (99/05/25)
  * This is minor bug-fix version
  * Fix for Japanese Localizer
    Sorry, I left 'Option' Menu in English. In this version, this menu is
  * Fix for ChangeCase feature on line-mode.
    Sorry, it's my mistake. Command shortcut for ChangeCase on line-mode is
    left as CommandShortcut+'K', but CommandShortcut+'Z' is correct.
    I've fixed this.
* v1.13 (99/05/22)
  * Japanese Localizer
    Added localizer file for Japanese.
    By installing this file (locjkdic.prc), most menu/label of KDIC
    are changed to Japanese language.
    You need to install for using Japanese localizer:
	* JOS-III (if you are using English version of Palm device)
	* LocalizerHack (if you are using Japanese version of WorkPad)
    Both programs are developed by Yamada-san:
  * ChangeCase feature
    With command-shortcut+Z, you can change case of search word.
    For example, if initial search word is 'Alias':
	'Alias' -> 'alias' -> 'ALIAS' -> 'Alias' ...
    It's convinient to search word picked from document.
  * Deleted 'Register' Menu from line-mode.
    It had not been implemented, just only menu exist... sorry.

* v1.12
  * 'Select All' feature
    On Main screen, you can select whole of screen by this feature.
    Use Menu->Edit->SelectAll or CommandShortCut+S for this.

* v1.11
  * Now you can browse not only keyword but also translation on line-mode.
    (It's very nice feature, you can browse many (11 word at once) words &&
     translations on screen).
  * You can use Word: field on line-mode, easy to browse going around.
  * You can use any character code for keyword (index word) in dictionary.
    It will be useful for non-US (non-English) character encoding.

* v1.10
  * Added KDIC DA (KDIC DA edition). This program is really cool!
    You can use KDIC DA without quiting from current application
    (MemoPad, Doc reader, anything else). You can search any word on
    the screen by one-touch operation!!
    I promise you love this program.
    For detail, please read kdicda-e.txt.
  * In the case of you install multiple dictionaries, dictionary order
    is always sorted by dictionary name (regardless of installation of
  * In the case of your dictionary has same index entry, you can browse
    these words by up/down button.

  * Bug fix
    * When you use KDIC as DragDrop module on KDIC itself, previous
      version results 'Fatal Error', and you have to reset your Palm Pilot.
      This problem is fixed. Nothing happen on this case.

* v1.08
  * This release is just small bug fixes (not fatal bugs or new feature)...

* v1.07
  * New feature
      * You can switch dictionary also from line-mode (word listing mode).
      * Can display current selected dictionary name on upper left of screen.
        (See <> section to enable this.)
      * Added preference to enable 'dictionary list' on tapping 'J' button
        of main screen. You can select dictionary from this popup to be searched.
	It's like 'dictionary surfin' :-)
        (See <> section to enable this.)
  * Changed User Interface
      * 'C'(Copy) and 'P'(Paste) buttons are removed to make space for
        displaying current dictionary name.
	Please use short cut or Menu->Edit->Copy/Paste for this purpose.
	Sorry for youe inconvenience.

* No public release on v1.05 && v1.06

* v1.04
  * New feature
      * Add new option (preference) to disable incremental search.
        ('Disable incremental search' in Preference menu)
        When this preference is enabled, word search start only after
	'Return' is entered at Graffiti (stroke from right upper to
	left bottom).
      * Changed default scroll lines on word browse mode (1 word on
        1 line) to 1 screen (11 lines). If you like to scroll by 1 line
	in this mode, check 'Scroll One Line (Line Mode)' on preference
  * Bug fix
      * Fixed Graffiti Indicator (show Caps status) is out of screen.
      * Add alert form when dictionary is to be deleted.

* v1.03
  * Long time to this new version, sorry!
      * Drag&Drop Module
        Now, you can use KDIC with Mr. Fukumoto's DragDrop.
	Visit his homepage for detail (
	for detail.
	As short, you can Drag&Drop word && get translation on the fly
	in any applications (MemoPad, Doc, etc.)
      * Added 'ToMemoPad' feature
        This enhanement request comes from US user, but this is very
	comfortable for me, too!
	'M' button is added at right upper of main screen.
	By tapping this, word && translation is transfered to MemoPad
	It's very useful to review these word & translations.
	I recommend you to make 'KDIC' category from MemoPad application.
	In this case, word & translation is sent to 'KDIC' category, if not
	the case, will goto 'Unfiled' category (of course, it's no problem).
      * LargeFont
	This enhancement is requested from mainly Chinese-charecter users.
	You can choose translations font from 'Reguler' or 'Large'.
	Along with this, size of translation field area is enhanced as
	screen limit. In regular font, 1 line added.

* v1.02
  * v1.02 is not public release version. (only evaluation purpose)

* v1.01
  * Minor bug fix (sorry updates so often)
  * Following bugs are fixed
      * When KDIC is invoked with dictionary generated by gendic.exe v1.0 &&
        if this dictionary is only dictionary for KDIC, following message is
	displayed and exits : 'KDIC dictionary not installed'.
      * On dictionary select screen, triangle mark (indicates more entries are
        there) is displayed, and when tap this mark, results Fatal Error.
      * On dictionary select screen, garbaged data may be displayed.

* v1.00
  * Now, KDIC supports Multiple Dictionary. (MAX 8 dictionaries)
    You can select dictionary dynamically on KDIC.
    To achive this, gendic.exe is also updated (v1.0), new options are
    available :
      '-n' specify dictionary name (not file name)
      '-o' specify output file name.
  * You can delete KDIC's dictionaries from KDIC.
  * Added preference to support :
    When word includes capital letter, allow KDIC to search also
    lower-case word. (ie. Abstract -> abstract)
  * Earlier version of KDIC has 100-byte limitation of clipboard copy
    operation. This limitation is removed from v1.0. You can copy
    full screen characters to clipboard.
  * And... I'm very sorry! I realized CreatorID && TypeID of KDIC's 
    dictionaries are wrong (not conform to 3com Pilot's).
    To correct these, I changed dictionary format.
    Gendic.exe is also changed to achive this.
    As a result of these, followings are available combination of 
    dictionary and KDIC.
    ('Before vx.x' includes vx.x, 'after vx.x' includes vx.x)

    Dictionary generated by gendic.exe before v0.6 + KDIC before v0.94 : OK
    Dictionary generated by gendic.exe before v0.6 + KDIC after  v1.00 : OK(**)
    Dictionary generated by gendic.exe after  v0.7 + KDIC before v0.94 : NG
    Dictionary generated by gendic.exe after  v0.7 + KDIC after  v1.00 : OK

    'OK(**)' means :
      current version (KDIC v1.00) supports this combination, but future
      release may not support this.
      So, please re-generate dictionaries with newer version of gendic.exe
      as soon as possible. Sorry again.
  * Along with changing CreatorID of dictionary, KDIC's dictionary is
    not displayed on 'Memory' built-in application of Pilot.
    Amount size of KDIC program and dictionaries are displayed on 'Memory'
    To delete independent dictionaries of KDIC, please use :
      MENU -> Option -> Dictionary

* v0.93
  Now, you can put KDIC.PDB (dictionary database) and KDIC.PRC(program
  itself) on Flash-ROM of TRG's SuperPilot-II/Lite.
  This dramatically reduce RAM usage on your Pilot.