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What's KDIC DA?
You can use KDIC DA to lookup dictionaries without exiting current application, like this. This is the pseudo multi window environment.
For details of such excellent framework DA (Desk Accessory), please visit Yamada-san's page (He is the author of this framework.)
Or, please visit Yamakado-san's DA page.
Not only KDIC DA but all DA programs, you need to install 'DA Launchers'. Many kind of 'DA Launchers' are available as public domain, you can findout/download most of these from Yamakado-san's DA page.
In this page, many many DA programs are categorized.
Most of 'DA Launcher' requires 'HackMaster' program. If you need, install this. (Note: HackMaster is Shareware. Don't forget registration!!)
KDIC DA inherit Standalone KDIC's Preference settings. So please install KDIC not only KDIC DA.
Of course, you need to install KDIC dictionaries to use KDIC/KDIC DA.
Please install kdic_da.prc included in KDIC archive to your Palm device same as other applicaion's installation.
To use KDIC DA, move caret (cursor) by tapping the word to be searched, then invoke KDIC DA. As a result KDIC DA look up this word on pop up screen.
Since each DA Launcher has different method to invoke DA programs, please refer each document howto invoke KDIC DA from your DA Launcher.
You can search the word by enter the word by graffity same with stand alone KDIC.
To browse previous/next word, use up/down button.
To exit from KDIC DA, tap anywhere outside of KDIC DA's pop up screen.
To change dictionaries (you can install up to 8 different dictionaries), there are 2 methos as follows:
By command stroke
To enter command stroke, draw stroke from left-lower to right upper on graffity area. After command stroke, you can change dictionary by enter '0' to '7' on graffity area. (Command stroke '0' corresponds to Dictionary0).
New dictionary name is displayed as short period, so you can recognize new dictionary name after changing dictionary.
You can confirm which dictionary corresponds to which dictionary number on stand alone KDIC.
Select menu -> Options -> Dictionary for this. Most upper dictionary is Dictionary 0, next is Dictionary 1 and so on...
By menu
You can change dictionary by tapping menu button -> Options -> Dic0..7.
More advanced usage
* You can move KDIC DA window by dragging inside of KDIC DA window.
* In most cases, you can pickup word to be searched just put caret(cursor) on the word, but if this is not work well, please select word (by tap & drag on the word) and then invoke KDIC DA.
* You can change 'case' to be searched by command stroke + 'Z'. For example, if the word is 'Alias', searched words will be changed as input command stroke + 'Z':
Alias -> alias -> ALIAS -> Alias ...
My favorite DA Launcher
I'm using Imazeki-san's Button DA Hack as DA Launcher.
By using this:
* Put caret(cursor) on the word
* Tap calc button (mapped to KDIC DA by Button DA Hack)
you can look up dictionary by just 2 actions.
KDIC DA will inherit some preferences from standalone KDIC as follows:
Scroll One line (Main mode)
Try lower case on search failed
Disable incremental search
If LargeFont is selected on stand alone KDIC, KDIC DA will use same LargeFont.
Registration code
KDIC DA use same registration code with stand alone KDIC. Please enter registration code on standalone KDIC.
You can not use automatic word extraction on some application (eg. Inbox screen of Mail application). This limitation comes from the structure of these application, so I can't fix these. In these case, please select the word, then copy this word into ClipBoard by menu -> Edit -> Copy, then invoke KDIC DA.
Preference/RegistrationCode/FontSelection on stand alone KDIC will effect to KDIC DA only after exiting stand alone KDIC.