KDIC HomePage
Starting point, KDIC's Home Page.
KDIC dictionary home page
My KDIC dictionary home page (in Japanese).
Kurihara-san's KDIC dictionary page
Many many many... dictionaries are there.(in Japanese)
Hoshi-san's KDIC dictionary page
Monash English->Japanese/Japanese->English dictionaries are there. Perl script for converting dictionary also here.
Kachiki-san's drug dictionary page
Drug dictionary is here.(in Japanese)
Chinese <-> English dictionary
You need to install Chinese OS to display/enter Chinese character.
Yamada-san's page
God of Japanese OS...
You can download DA Launcher from here.
Yamakado-san's DA page
This page is portal of DA (Desk Accessory). You can access many many DAs from here.
Radic for PalmOS
You can identify Japanese character by their radicals with this software, great!