Using multiple dictionaries
You can use up to 8 different dictionaries on KDIC/KDIC DA.
Howto change dictionary
Note: KDIC and KDIC DA keeps current dictionary setting information independently. Use following methods for KDIC and KDIC DA for each.
Two methods are there.
By menu
By tapping Menu button -> Option -> Dictionary..., Available dictionaries are listed. Please tap dictionary you like to use, then tap 'OK'.
By Command stroke
You can change dictionary by
CommandStroke + DictionaryNumber (0..7).
You can find out which DictionaryNumber corresponds to which dictionary from the screen :
MenuButton -> Option -> Dictionary..
Most upper dictionary is Dictionary0. To display current dictionary name, please use CommandStroke + '.'.
Search All dictionaries
You can search all installed dictionaries at once.
Tap upper right 'A' button on Main screen.
One dictionary per one line search screen will appear.
You can goto appropriate dictionary by double tapping the line.