Main screen Line screen All dictionary screen
Simple usage
Search dictionary(main screen)
After instlattion, launch 'KDIC' icon from launcher. This default screen is called 'main screen'. KDIC will do incremental search as input one character on the field located bottom of screen.
Line screen
If you tap 'L' button of main screen, KDIC will goto line screen. KDIC will display 11 words on the screen as 1-word/1-line method. You can browse previous/next words by pushing up/down button.
If you tap the line, KDIC will goto main screen with that word.
All dictionary screen
If you tap 'A' button on the right corner of main screen or line screen, KDIC moves to All dictionary screen. KDIC will search all KDIC dictionaries installed on your Palm devices on this screen.
If you double tap the line, corresponded dictionary is selected.