KDIC/KDIC DA is a universal dictionary software.
Especially, you can use KDIC DA without exiting current application, it's very comfortable.
You can use MemoryStick/SD/MMC Card as dictionary storage on supported device (Sony Clie, Pal m500/m505...)
Since KDIC/KDIC DA support JogDial of Sony Clie, you can browse multiple dictionaries with JogDial.
KDIC/KDIC DA itself DOES NOT includes Dictionary files, but many dictionaries are released as public domain.
Of course, you can generate your own KDIC's dictionaries.
KDIC/KDIC DA is a Shareware. Please read Howto Registration.
Please visit Homepage of KDIC for latest version of KDIC/KDIC DA.

Followings are screen snapshot of KDIC/KDIC DA.

main screen line screen All dictionary screen KDIC DA screen1 KDIC DA screen2