I appreciate to :
    Tatsushi Yamada san : J-OS developper
    TaN san             : PDIC, PDICWIN developper
    EDP staff member    : Kojiro English -> Japanese Dictionary developper
    Wes Cherry san      : PilRC developper

  Special thanks to Developpers of gcc-win32 for Pilot environment!!
  Compdic.exe is based on 'The Data Compression Book 2nd edition'.
  Thanks to allow me to use these source code freely.

  GENDIC.EXE is derived work from 'makedoc7.cpp'.
  Thank you Harold Bamford san.

  Thank you Hoshi-san, generate several dictionaries for KDIC as public
  on internet.

  Thank you Kurihara-san, generate many many kind of dictionaries for KDIC
  as public on internet.

  I deeply appreciate to grant using their dictionary and redistributing as
  KDIC dictionary:
    Kurumi-san         : author of gene95 English->Japanese dictionary.
    Aka-san            : author of Medical dictionary, frequency information
                         for English->Japanese dictionary.
    Jim Breen-san      : author of Monash EDICT dictionary.
    Life Science Proj. : author of Life Science dictionary.
  Without these dictionaries, KDIC is meaningless.

  I appreciate to many alpha/beta testers for KDIC, many users give
  me valuable suggestions, ideas, comment.

  I also appreciate to member of Nifty FPILOT, pilot-tech-ml, they
  give me much suggestions when I ran into problems on Pilot programming.