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KDIC dictionary page (Translated by Amikai)

Last updated -- 2005/Apr./2
What's KDIC ?
KDIC is the universal dictionary software for Palm Pilot.
It's shareware, but no function limitation are there on un-registered version.
Dictionary is stored as compressed format, so you can save your valuable memory.
KDIC itself does not include dictionary databases, but thanks to many volunteers, many kind of dictionaries are on the internet.
Light, speedy lookup.
Can handle Huge Dictionary (more than 1M words!) -- v1.40 or more --
Can handle multiple(up to 8)dictionaries.
Can put dictionaries on MemoryStick/SD/MMC cards.
Popup search on applications(KDIC DA).
Support JogDial (of Sony Clie).
Save memory as compressed dictionary.
You can make your own dictionary.
To see is to believe.
Following is the screen shot of KDIC/KDIC DA.
KDIC/KDIC DA Screen Shot
Main screenLine screenAll dictionary screen
Main screen Line screen All dic search

KDIC DA screen1KDIC DA screen2
KDIC DA screen 1 KDIC DA screen 2


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