Performance Guitar

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Limited to 15 guitars -- Autographed by Warren himself

Made by the same guitar builder who has been building Warren's guitars

The standard specs of the guitar are here. Please go to the "GALLERY" page.

Assembled "Hawaiian Koa" guitar. The color of the body will differ for each guitar because of the nature of the "Koa" wood. Autograph by Warren himself and marked "2001." Features Seymore Duncan Pickups and Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge with Big Block.
PERFORMANCE single coil pickup at the neck position. Heads before assembly. The autograph is on the back. Warren's handwritten initial and number on the side will become invisible after assembly.

For orders and inquiries, please e-mail here.

Modifications are available upon request.
You are never too old to buy an electric guitar. Don't hesitate to contact them.

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