upd org released cdr shattered illusion of dissecting table. (limited 2 copies)

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upd org released wav file "post-apocalyptic" of dissecting table.

upd org released cdr "progressive destrucition" of dissecting table. (limited 2 copies)

CD Journal 2018 AUGUST・SEPTEMBER put a review of cdr "UPD compilation 2018 / sonic resonance "

upd org released cdr "demonstration of ignorance" of dissecting table. (limited 30 copies)
distributor : disk union

upd org released cdr "UPD compilation 2018 / sonic resonance".
artists are as follows.
dissecting table
maurizio bianchi
andy ortmann
the new blockaders
distributor: disk union

meditation reocrds released cdr "salz her pec" of sacher-plez (maurizio bianchi).