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Business Career

Name: Yoshihisa Okada, Mr.
Born: 1952
Education: 1975 graduated from Waseda University, Education Department
TOEIC: 850 scores
Mail address:y-okada@yd6.so-net.ne.jp

April 1975
Entered into Japanese leading non-ferrous metal manufacturer. International Division.
Plant constructions in South-East Asian countries (Feasibility study, contracts negotiations, factory construction management at site, etc),
Licensing agreements with American & European companies, Technical collaboration agreements with various companies etc.
Learned International legal subjects.

April 1977
Studies in IIST (Institute for International Studies and Training: www.iist.or.jp) to learn International business, legal subjects, International trades etc.

January 1978
Stayed in Kuwait, Middle-east for 1 year.
Hired and managed more than 200 local workers and staffs to execute establishment of new company and to construct cable making factory.
Experienced personnel management, education, business management with foreign companies in foreign country.

September 1984
New Business Planning Manager
Strategic planning and execution of new products business (Automotive products, Optical fiber fusion splicers, Optical fibers, Plastic products etc).
Establishment of joint venture with Hungarian companies on plastic products (we are the first Japanese manufacturer to form J/V with Hungarian partners under communist block). Studied business operation of J/V in foreign country.

January 1991
General Manager of European Representative Office in London, UK (stayed for 7.5 years)
General management concerning all activities in Europe including controlling various J/Vs and own branches in Europe. Appointed as director (or auditor) in related companies in Europe.
Establishments of new companies.
Business volume in Europe during 7.5 years became 40-50 times larger.
Learned harmonization of various systems (personnel, organization, salary, legal etc) in European companies and those in Japanese companies.

April 1998
Information & Communication Division. General Manager (strategic planning) on Optical Components. (personnel, education, general affairs, business planning, budget/settlement management etc)
Conducted recruit (new graduates and hiring midway through the year) and education, re-modeling of personnel system (stock-option, salary increase system etc), restructuring of corporate organization (internal-company system, flat organization etc), planning of plant expansion and capacity increase.
Secretary-General of special project team on establishment of J/V (JDS-Uniphase) in America and NASDAQ listing of subsidiary (OCP) in America. Appointed as director in OCP.
Also appointed as directors of several domestic companies to reorganize these companies.
IR (Investors Relations) staff and establish business relations with investment banks.
Appointed as representative director of one CATV operator in near Tokyo area. Experienced company management of 3rd sector.

July 2001
Senior Manager, International Business
Reorganizing 6 overseas subsidiaries. Appointed as director of these companies. Establishment of new head quarter in North America.
Learned harmonization of various systems (personnel, organization, salary, legal etc) in American companies and those in Japanese companies.

September 2002
Resigned from leading non-ferrous metal manufacturer of my own free will.

October 2002
Establishment of Okada Office in Chiba.
Business support to Japanese companies who wish to have business with foreign companies, support to foreign companies who wish to have business with Japanese companies and/or wish to do own business in Japan.

November 2002
With full support from Okada Office, establishment of oveaseas-related company in Tokyo.
Appointed as President of this company.
OEM business of Wires and Cables, and OEM business of LED related products.
Recruiting and education of staffs, drafting the company articles of associations, drafting various regulations of the company etc have been made from Zero.

July 2005
With full support from Okada Office, establishment of overseas-related company in Tokyo.
Appointed as Director of this company.
LED related business on R&D, manufacturing and sales/marketing.

September 2005
Newly open Okada Tokyo Office (Katsushika, Tokyo)

Business supports of European, American, and Asian companies (test equipment manufacturer, R&D laboratory, electronic parts manufacturer etc) to have their own offices in Japan and/or to have business partners in Japan, business supports of Japanese companies (machine manufacturer, parts manufacturer, plastic parts manufacturer etc) to expand their business opportunities in overseas market, business planning of diversification of Japanese company etc.

January 2007
Appointed as the advisor (full-time) of an Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing company based in Yokohama, Japan.

April 2007
Appointed as President & CEO of an Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing company based in Yokohama, Japan.

March 2009
Resigned President & CEO after consecutive 2-full financial years good results (2007/2008) and passed 100% ownership of this company to 2 major listed (TSE 1st) companies.

April 2009
Re-Open Okada Office

November 2009
Appointed as business advisor in a telecommunication company.

June 2010
Appointed as outside director in an investment bank (Japanese).
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