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Beyond language, common contract rule, culture!
We can be the bridge between your organization and Japanese companies. This bridge can span and overcome the difficulties you may encounter through the differences of language, common contract rules and culture. Without such a bridge, your business may not advance in accordance with your business plans thus reducing the potential for success. MOTTAINAI (what a waste!)

We are the bridge between you and Japan!
You could be contacted by Japanese companies with a view to collaboration. But do you know their background?

There are technologies and products available from Japan but how do you approach the companies providing them?

Are you wary about contract formats and obligations?

Does the language difference deter you from travelling extensively within Japan?

Do you need someone to accompany you when visiting potential and existing suppliers / customers?

Do you need continued support of these suppliers / customers?

Japan is a recognized Trade Fair / Exhibition location.  Do you need someone to visit these events on your behalf and report on the business potential?

Borderless world?

You may already have been faced with situations identical or similar to those stated above but if not, you certainly will, particularly when dealing with companies located in the more remote areas of Japan. First impressions are important in business, even more so in Japan where correct protocol is essential.  Local knowledge is an invaluable asset during first contact with suppliers / customers and success could depend upon it.  Even when collaboration has been established, thing may still not run smoothly due to barriers of language, common contract rules or culture.  MOTTAINAI!

You may feel that most problems can be overcome by establishing an office in Tokyo? The costs involved would be high and when ongoing legal expenses, translation services and full time employee costs are considered it would be difficult to justify such an investment. So, without an office how would you propose to get your message across to your target market?

Sales brochures are an acceptable way of introducing your company but unless they carry your message in a manner acceptable and understandable to the Japanese recipient, they have no value other than the high cost of production borne by your company.  Furthermore, unless someone actually seeks the reaction of customers, you will receive virtually no feedback to guide you to the goal of forming long term business relationships.  This is where Okada Office can be of service!

I am neither a specialist in linguistics or law, but I have been working in a leading Japanese non-ferrous metal manufacturer for 27 years, 7 and half years of which was spent in London as Managing Director of their UK headquarters covering whole European businesses. For the past 3 years I have managed an overseas related company based in Tokyo.  So, during these 30 years I have been responsible for international trading, contractual negotiations, market research, management of small and medium size companies and also reforming company structure, changing personnel systems and handling legal issues etc.

I have always felt MOTTAINAI whenever I saw foreign companies face difficulties with language, contractual terms and Japanese culture.  Such difficulties can still occur even if the Japanese counterpart is as enthusiastic as you are to build a successful business relationship.

I would be very willing to support you and your company if you have any desire to approach Japanese companies with a view to establishing a relationship with them.  This would include all stages of the process from initial introduction, interpretation and translation of Japanese language documents , contractual matters, ongoing discussions and negotiations with them on your behalf, in addition to gathering information through Trade Fair attendance etc.

If my proposal sounds interesting to you please contact me by e mail as a first step outlining your possible requirement.  I will then be in touch with you with my proposal for supporting your business in Japan.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

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